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If you decide to put your home on the market during the winter months, chances are you will be hosting open houses during the holidays. This can be tricky if you plan to have family from out of town stay with you, or if you want to host holiday parties. You may also have to deal with inclement weather that gets in the way of showings. There are many things to consider when preparing your home for showings during the holidays and because of the festive time of year, you may second guess your typical decorating traditions. You don’t want to overwhelm your potential buyers with too many decorations and clutter, so it’s important you approach it with some key things in mind. You want your home to stand out to the potential buyers, so making a good impression is first and foremost. Consider the following tips if you are trying to sell your home during the holidays.


There is a fine line between festive decorations and downright over-the-top decorating. Simple decorating can help to accentuate special details in your home that you want potential buyers to notice, so try and keep your decorations somewhat neutral so that unique fireplace stands out, etc. You want the buyers to be able to envision the home for their year-round enjoyment, so don’t overwhelm them with too much “stuff” so they miss the very things that make your home special. Consider decorating with fresh plants, seasonal bowls of fruit, like oranges and pomegranates, and fresh cuts of pine tree branches.


As far as lighting goes, try to hang minimal lights, and forego the typically lightshow you usually impress the neighborhood with. Shock value is not a selling point and might turn buyers away. Soft, white string lights are a great option for keeping lighting simple, yet festive.


Adding some color to an otherwise plain room, will give the space a warm and inviting feel. Using warm tones, like reds, browns, or oranges is a great way to make a space feel fresh, without too crazy of a color. Reds and soft pinks can also help you achieve that inviting feeling and both colors are perfect for a festive holiday feel. You could also paint one wall in a room, to give the space some depth and brightness. If you’re not into the work that comes with painting a room, try adding accent colors of couch pillows, candles, lamps, blankets, and paintings. Central Oregon is a beautiful backdrop for any home and bringing some of the natural surroundings into your home is a great way to highlight the beauties of the High Desert.


Winter brings us shorter daylight hours, so you’ll want to take advantage of all the natural light that you can. Keep your blinds open during the day so the future homeowners can experience the home in natural light, this gives them great insight into what the light influences do for each room. Lighting matters and a mirror is a wonderful way to make a space appear bigger and brighter. Try placing a large mirror on a wall, or at the end of a hallway to make a space feel much bigger than it is.

If you are interested in more tips and tricks, as well as things you’ll what to avoid, it’s best to talk to your Bend, Oregon broker at The Garner Group. We are happy to help you show your home during the holidays. We know it can be stressful, but if you keep your home minimally decorated, and clean, you’ll be ready to show it at a moment’s notice, and you’ll find the perfect buyer.