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Unlike a regular party that lasts for 4 hours as you may serve specific foods or engages in certain activities, an open house party is a bit more relaxed on the rules. An open house party lasts for about 6 hours as guests come and go as they please. These types of celebrations are ideal for parties that aren’t held on weekends when most people have the day off. Instead, guests arrive on their own schedules and leave whenever they feel like it. Here are 5 open house party ideas you may want to have in your home.

Graduation Parties

Graduation parties work very well as an open house party for your teen and college grads. Their friends may be graduating and attending other functions on the same day at different times. So their friends still have time to attend personal events and the open house. Have finger foods, dance music, and photographers/videographers present to record the special times together so your grad and their friends can have photos and videos of their time together.

Barbecue and Pool Parties

Barbecue and pool parties are other easy and simple open house ideas because most of the things you need are already in your backyard. Set up tables to hold appetizers and side meals and make sure to have coolers filled with cold drinks so people can stay hydrated. If children will be at the party, select games that are simple for other kids to join in with when they arrive.

Luau/Vacation Parties

Have you gone on vacation to Hawaii or a far-off country? You may have loved the culture, food, and sights while visiting. You can bring those things home with you to share with family and friends by throwing a luau or vacation open house party. Purchase decorations to support the vacation theme and make or order cuisine based on the other culture. Talk about the vacation, share photos and videos, and hold raffles where people can win souvenirs that were brought home.

Spring House Parties

Spring house parties are probably the most common types of events that are held. Flowers are blooming, and you will want to show off just how wonderful your yard looks in your gorgeous new home. At the same token, friends and family members get to eat light snacks, make crafts and beat the cabin fever away while enjoying the beautiful outdoor spring weather. This is also a chance to show off your new neighborhood!

Holiday Open House Parties

While Christmas and Easter may be holidays where people just want to be with their families, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are holidays that can easily turn into open house parties. People will be stopping by multiple homes to dine and enjoy the company of family and friends. You can make your home another place they can stop in at during the day.

These open house parties are just some of the ideas that you can do when you want to host an occasion that is fun. The best types of open house parties are casual and relaxed. While the party can occasionally feel hectic when a lot of people decide to stop by all at the same time, you only need to ensure to have enough food, drink, and entertainment for everyone.