Getting to know Kathy Lang

Kathy is a west coast explorer. She was born in Oregon, spent her childhood in California, raised her family in Washington, and has recently settled back in Oregon. She loves all that the west coast has to offer, especially the beautiful Northwest. Since the early ‘80s, Kathy has visited Bend on an annual basis. Before Old Mill, Bend Parkway, and well before Bend’s thriving vibe of food trucks, live music, and river recreation. One could say, Kathy has come back home.

Kathy’s professional history is varied but always with a common and critical thread… listening to people, hearing their stories, and guiding them as they pursue their goals.

In her free time, Kathy loves to explore the land in and around Bend, take on a feisty game of Cross Cribbage, and connecting with people. Kathy’s family includes her husband, Greg, their four daughters, their daughters’ four partners, and collectively, the family’s eight dogs.

Kathy is excited to work with already established Bendites and new folks who are looking to call Bend their home!