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Everyone is looking for that little something that catches your eye while house hunting. It could be things like the distance between houses, a big backyard or no yard at all, and as we head into summer, it’s easier to see what sets neighborhoods apart. Some neighborhoods do summer block parties to get to know the community members, spend time with neighbors, celebrate the extended daylight and enjoy the warm weather. When looking for the right neighborhood for you and your family, consider an area close to a location where there is a summertime Farmer’s Market. Trips to the Farmer’s Market can be a great family outing and a wonderful resource for fresh vegetables, fruit, and local fares. It’s also a great alternative to making a trip to a big box store with fluorescent lights and long lines. The food from your local farmers market is, quite frankly, fresher. Because it was grown locally, there is a good chance that the apple you buy from the farmer was picked a few days ago. This is virtually impossible and rarely if ever the case in a big supermarket. Besides the aesthetic factor, here are some of the other benefits of supporting your local farmers market;

• Fresher foods
• Cheaper prices on organic foods
• Supporting local economy
• Supporting local agriculture & local farmers
• Seasonal fruits & vegetables
• More variety
• Healthier, raw foods
• Great taste
• No GMO’s, safer food
• Outdoors so you get to enjoy the fresh air
• A chance to meet your community members
• Handmade goods made locally

There are several Farmer’s Markets in Central Oregon and one that stands out is in the Northwest Crossing neighborhood on the Westside of Bend. Every Saturday, throughout the summer, you can find fresh produce, fresh eggs, cheese, locally-raised meats and a wonderful selection of handmade goods. One of the things that make this market so great is the live music entertainment where local talent is featured on stage. There are also musicians scattered throughout the market on the streets and sidewalks, which makes the atmosphere fun and lively!

Farmer’s Markets are a terrific way to meet your neighbors and experience the local vibe in your community. If you are interested in buying a home in a certain neighborhood, visiting the local farmer’s market in the area is a wonderful way to experience the community firsthand.