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Front Porches in Bend, Oregon’s NorthWest Crossing

Ever thought the front porches you see on nearly every home in Bend, Oregon’s NorthWest Crossing were an accident? Think again! Front porches are rising swiftly on homebuyers’ wish lists – in fact a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders found that a front porch ranked higher that patio and rear porch in a report titled The New Home 2015. Since 1997, the number of homes with front porches has risen dramatically – more than 50%.

Why? Not only do front porches raise the value of the home (it is what home buyers are looking for), but people with front porches find that they have other benefits as well as indicated in a recent article from the Chicago Tribune. One front porch owner said that her front porch changed the “tempo and pace” of her life – being out on the porch encourages relationships with neighbors. “When a neighbor needs help, we galvanize.”

A designer said that while the front porch gives definite curb appeal, it also provides a warm and inviting feel. The porch adds to the “architectural appeal of the house.”

In Bend, Oregon, we’re lucky enough to have a few neighborhoods that feature front porches. None more though thanNorthWest Crossing on Bend’s west side, where we are lucky enough to work every day (that’s where our office is!).