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When you’re getting ready to sell your home, getting it ready for showings can be really important. You want to present a clean home, with lots of space, and show that your home has been well taken care of. You want to inspire potential buyers to see the future of the space, and not mess, or things that need to be repaired or fixed.

Getting ready

Make sure you take the time to rearrange the furniture, so that it shows off how much available space the house has. If you have too much furniture, it might benefit you to consider moving some out, and selling or storing it. There’s nothing worse than a house that seems to have no space. Also work on removing clutter from your home. While everything on the mantle may seem sentimental to you, it won’t be to a potential buyer and it could detract from the great space that is available.


While you may love the artwork you’ve painstakingly collected throughout the years, chances are a potential buyer is going to have different taste in art. To sell your home faster, some recommend scaling down the artwork to a few simple pieces, and really try to highlight the clean walls. Just stick to a few statement pieces.

Accent Color

A brightly colored or patterned throw pillow can go a long way in adding a touch of brightness to a darker room. Try to find something that will give the space a bright pop. Don’t forget to consider a rug. If a room needs brightening up, a black and white patterned rug can look great without taking away from existing style.


If you’re struggling to find ways to enhance the space you have, try finding a mirror and placing it strategically in your home. We’ve all been deceived by a mirror strategically placed in a bar or restaurant, so try doing the same thing in your home, to make the space feel bigger.


Everyone loves a touch of green in a house, so try to add some freshness in your home during showings with a few placed indoor plants around the house. A plant in the bathroom, kitchen and living room is suggested for home showings.


Remember that the front door is the first thing that someone sees when they’re looking at your home. So be sure that it looks nice, and clean, with any weeds taken care of or any paint chips fixed. It’s the potential buyers first impression of your house, and you want them to love it.