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If you’re getting ready to sell your home or property, you may be wondering why you need a listing agent? You’re probably thinking you can list the property yourself and save yourself the cost of a real estate agent. There are many benefits to hiring a real estate agent, some could save or earn you more money. Learn why you should consider hiring an agent.

Market Knowledge

Your agent won’t tell you what you should list your property at, but they can help guide you to a price that increases your changes of selling. Agents know what you should list your property at, because they know what the real estate market is like in your area. They can find comparable sales for pricing references. Local real estate agents also know where it’s best to market your property.


Local real estate agents have experience selling. While this may not be the first home you’ve sold, a real estate agent has sold hundreds. They know the market you’re selling in, and know what listing prices to recommend. A great real estate agent will help you negotiate on a great price and not simply deliver the offer to the buyer.

Agents can be great filters for showings and visits. Your agent isn’t going to show your house, unless they’re positive that they’ve found a great buyer for it. Your agent will show the house to prospective buyers that have already been vetted or pre-approved by the firm they represent. They’re only showing your property to people who they know are interested and who they know can afford it. If you list a property yourself, the calls you get won’t be verified and you could wind up wasting time showing the property to a lot of uninterested buyers, or buyers that aren’t serious about committing to a new property.

Your real estate agent is there to ensure that your property sale goes as smoothly as possible. Purchase agreements can run over 10 pages, without including federal or state disclosures. When you have an agent, they’ll help you go through these documents, making sure every dotted line that needs to be signed is.

Take Away

One of the greatest benefits of having a listing agent is that you can call them and ask questions anytime, and there are a lot of questions that come with buying or selling a home. If you get an invoice about property tax assessments that you don’t understand, you can call your agent and straighten it out, even after you’ve closed. Questions can pop up after the excitement of closing on a house, and a real estate agent will still be there to answer them.