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If you’re looking to sell your home or buy a new property in the winter, there are some specific things you should look for on your hunt with your Bend Realtor. Some think it’s easier to sell a home in the summer when the grass is green, sun is shining, and flowers are blooming. While this might be true, there are still some things you can utilize in the colder months to make a property appeal to a future homeowners senses.

If you’re looking to Buy

It’s important to know how a property is heated. If you live in a cold area, heating your home very well may be one of your biggest monthly or yearly expenses. Knowing how old the property is can help. Older homes tend to have older systems, that may be outdated or cost more to fix. It’s important to know if the house holds heat well. Both new homes and older homes, can have drafty heat problems. An easy way is to look for icicles in snowy months. Lots of icicles indicate that there is a fair amount of heat being lost, while little to none icicles show that the house is well built.

If you’re hunting in a really cold climate, then the source of your heat is even more important in the home. Know whether the property uses a pellet stove, gas heat, oil heat, etc.

Apart from heating, weather can wreak havoc on other areas of a property. If you’re anticipating a lot of snow and ice where the property is, be sure that the driveway is one that you’re willing to shovel. Be sure to check if the driveway is really steep or not, as it might not be one you want to drive up or down in the icy months.

For those selling property

Be sure to tell your Bend Real Estate Agent how your house is heated. If that information is included in your listing, potential buyers will see that. If it’s not the type of heating they’re looking for, it may prevent showings of your home from buyers that really aren’t best suited for the property.

If your heating system is really out of date, talk to your Bend realtor about the pros and cons of updating it. If the heating system is dangerous, or non-functional it could really hamper the sale or sale price of your property. While installing or configuring a new system might be expensive, it could wind up saving you money in your sale price and help you get more value for your home.

If you’re preparing for a home showing in wintery weather, be sure to make your property as inviting as you can. Shovel all applicable walkways and driveways, and make the home nice and warm for visitors. Another trick to making your home appear cozy and comfortable is to highlight gathering areas, like a family room or living room. Showing off these gathering areas, makes the floor plan seem functional and cozy to potential buyers.

Take Away

If you’re looking for a home in colder months, know what you want out of the property in all seasons. Don’t let it’s functionality sway you, if it’s only best suited for colder or warmer months. It’s still important to consider if the property includes air conditioning, and has landscaping for warmer months. By seeing a property in the colder months, you’re getting at true test of the property’s heating system, structure, and layout of driveways, walkways etc.