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Take the time to sit down with your broker and make a list of things you think they should know about you, what you’re looking for, your idea features in a home, etc. Make a list of your must-haves, things you would like to have, and things you don’t want in your perfect home. Letting your broker know the things you can’t live without, and the things you’d also prefer to have helps them narrow down available properties that would best fit your needs.


Consider the layout of the home. If you absolutely don’t want to look at a split-level home, let your broker know that you don’t want to see any split-level homes. Let your broker know if you only want to see homes with a pool, or a large backyard. Consider if you care whether the home is on a busy street or a quiet road. Often the lifestyle you live will determine the kind of home you desire.

Amenities and Schools

If you have children, or may have children soon, it could be important to consider what school districts are available in the area that you’re purchasing in. Think about if you want to purchase a home in a neighborhood or if you want to live slightly more rurally.

If you’re concerned with access to amenities, be sure to research your closest grocery stores, theaters, shopping stores, etc. Consider the walkability of the property you’re considering, or be sure to tell your broker that being near a cultural center is important to you.


Something that prospective home owners fail to consider when looking for properties is how the home will be heated. This is particularly important depending on what sort of climate you’re looking for properties in. If you’re looking for properties in a colder climate, you should consider what sort of heating system is in place. If you’re looking for gas, electric, solar, heat, etc. be sure to check the system in place before you purchase, or you could wind up with an expensive home to heat.

Take Away

Price range is a huge thing to be up front with your broker about. Make sure they know the range that you want to stick to. Let them know the things that you’re willing to pay more for. For example, if your broker found the perfect property for you, with all the must haves and wants you had provided, would you still want to see it even if it was slightly out of budget? These are crucial details that your broker needs to know about what you will or won’t do, during your house hunt.

One of the most important things in the house hunting process is looking for Bend realtors that you trust. Make sure you know your realtor understands your needs and what exactly you’re looking for in a home.