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Our founder Sandy Garner recently wrote an article for RIS Media, the publishers of Real Estate Magazine, on how people are shifting to a “lifestyle” mindset when it comes to purchasing real estate. The idea for the article was spurred from her friends’ decision to simplify their lives, sell it all and move into a tiny home secluded on a piece of property in Central Oregon. The interesting thing is that this choice was not just simply about downsizing, it was about many things sustainability, simplifying and having more time to enjoy other parts of life. In short, the move was about lifestyle.

This got her to thinking more about this trend – people are making housing decisions not just as an investment or the “American dream” of homeownership. They are really examining their lifestyle and choosing a housing type that fits with that – whether it be a midtown home with a yard that can be cultivated to grow their own food, a tiny home, or acreage to raise animals. Millennials are looking at their parents’ lives and making conscious decisions to choose another path that fits their own ideals and values. Boomers are looking for ways to free up time for travel and other activities.

Sandy writes in the article “Choosing ‘lifestyle’ when it comes to where you live means different things to different people.” She says it’s important for real estate brokers to look at these drivers and understand what is motivating their clients, helping them make the best decision possible.

Check out the entire article on RIS Media’s Housecall blog here: