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Green homes are rising in popularity, especially in Central Oregon. In a climate with so many sunny days, the potential for solar power is great. If you’re looking to make the transition to a greener home, there are things you need to look for to ensure you’re getting the best and most energy efficient building. Here’s a guide of things to look for when on the hunt for a greener home.

Green Building

Making sure that your home is built with green, renewable or recycled materials is step one. It means that the actual process of building the home was greener, and used less waste. It can also be important to choose materials for your home that are highly durable, and will therefore last longer.

You can make a building greener on a wide variety of levels, by either starting at the LED lightbulb level or graduating to installing solar panels to cut your energy intake. While solar panels can create a lot of the energy needed to run a home, it’s also important to consider how they were made, and what it would be like to repair them. Consider how they can be disposed, and what sort of materials would be needed to repair them.

Flooring can be a huge issue amongst green builders. Some people believe in carpeting for better insulation during colder winter months. When you’re looking at a new green home ask about the carpeting. In greener construction and design, carpets should be made with recycled materials or from renewable sources, like bamboo.

Others choose wood flooring as a green option. Try using a flooring that is sustainable. Some wood floors are sustainable, in addition to bamboo flooring. Reclaimed wood, while sometimes harder to find, can also be a great re-purposed find for flooring in a green home.  Another flooring option that is growing in popularity, is sourcing wood flooring from a FCS or Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures that the wood is sourced from a well-managed forest.


It’s not only the structure and elements of the design of the home, that make it green. Choosing green homes in Bend, Oregon that can incorporate green appliances is also crucial. Outfitting your light fixtures with green alternatives and eco-friendly lightbulbs is crucial. Check to see if the washer/dryer duo installed in the home is more green, or if the hookups provided will support a green line of washing machine.

It’s important to check the hookups or existing appliances in the home, to make sure that they can support green systems or that they are currently green. Having an efficient heating and Cooling Systems will reduce your electricity need.

When you’re looking for ideal green homes in Bend, Oregon, be sure to ask your broker about all of the green options available to you. Consider new and older construction, if you’re not afraid of the task of converting a home yourself. The possibilities are endless in an up and coming green market like Central Oregon.