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REALTOR® Magazine Interviews Sandy Garner on Best Practices for Real Estate Brokers

With a few decades in the industry, our founder Sandy Garner has some unique insights into best practices for real estate companies. She has seen the Bend Oregon real estate market through upswings and downturns, and learned just a few things along the way. In an active, busy market, that’s growing quickly, she’s able to take a step back and look at the big picture. REALTOR Magazine recently chatted with her about what it takes to successfully onboard new agents.

She talked about taking advantage of skills that those new to the industry have brought from past careers, and helping them apply those skills to serving home buyers and sellers. She works with agents that have come into real estate from long careers in everything from banking and customer service all the way to the performing arts.

In addition, Sandy weighed in on helping people decide if real estate is the right fit for them. From going over goals and personality strengths with someone right out of college – and creating a mentoring atmosphere for them – all the way to encouraging interested individuals to create a business plan for their new career.

Find out more about Sandy’s advice and tips for getting new agents started by viewing the full article on REALTOR Magazine here: