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Central Oregon has experienced a rather late winter this year. Weather experts are calling for more snow showers on the horizon as we finish out the month. Typically, springtime is a popular time of year to begin house hunting. Some people may even be considering a move once the summer months arrive. A lot of people come out of the winter months feeling weary and are energized to start looking. They hit the market in full force, in search of the perfect home to buy. We’ve got some great tips to help aid you in the springtime home buying process. From hiring the right professionals to making a list of your most desired features for your next home.


Hiring a trustworthy and dependable broker can help your home buying search immensely. A real estate broker is ideally a professional advisor that can offer you insight into the market based on their experience. Having someone like this gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get industry insights. It helps you avoid making some of the common mistakes first-time home buyers can make.


The process can be a daunting one. Having a professional broker by your side helps you navigate some of the more confusing aspects of buying a home. Meet the team of brokers we work with and find one that fits with your personality and agenda. Our team offers a wide variety of real estate professionals with great experience and reputable resources.


A lot of times people won’t think about the basics before they start looking and it creates more confusion as you begin to shop around. So, if there are specific things you absolutely need, know those things and let your real estate broker know too, that way you are all on the same page and looking for similar properties that include those needs.


We suggest making a priority list of what you want in a home, versus what you need in a home. List things like how many bedrooms you want, how many bathrooms, whether or not you want a yard, if you need a large garage and/or extra space for your RV. Figure out what layout is most desired as far as the house structure goes and know how you feel about one vs. two or three story homes.


We suggest crunching some numbers before you start looking for properties. Know your budget, run some formulas to figure out a guesstimate on what your monthly house payment would be, research home owners’ insurance and property taxes for the home. Learning and running those numbers will help you figure out what you can truly afford, which paves the way if you decide to take out a loan for the home purchase.


Another tip is to try and get pre-qualified. This will speed up the process once you find your dream home. And it typically helps set your limits for how much you can spend. It also lets potential sellers know you are serious, which can help when you submit bids. Because when you are prepared, a seller knows you mean business.


There are a lot of things to consider with house hunting. So doing some leg work before you begin can be one of the best things for your home search. Don’t’ forget to engage a knowledgeable broker, they can make the entire experience so much easier. At The Garner Group, our agents are always happy to help. Give us a call or check out our website for more information or to set up an appointment to view available properties.