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Most home shoppers have gone to at least one open house at some point during their house hunting, so you know they can make or break the first impression of the property. As the seller, you can enjoy a range of valuable benefits by using an open house method to market and sell your property.


It can be very inconvenient as a seller to have to keep taking time out of your busy life to accommodate one view after another. If you have a great real estate agent and a desirable property, you could find that there is a lot of interest, which means that you could be inundated with viewings. If you have a full-time job or family commitments, this can become very inconvenient. However, with an open house, you can get most of your viewings out of the way in one event.


You must ask yourself if you have time to do all the necessary things to keep your home “show ready” every day while it’s on the market. Whether that means keeping the floors mopped and the dishes done, kids rooms cleaned, and all the beds made…every…single…day, or it means you have to shuffle your pets to someone else’s house so they don’t intimidate the potential buyers or dirty up the house with their toys and messes.  If the answer is no, you do not have time for that, then the open house idea could be very beneficial. You can give your house a good clean, get all questions answered in one go, and impress potential buyers without having to stress about the upkeep every day.


By offering an open house, you could raise your chances of a quick sale because potential buyers will be able to more easily gauge the level of interest in your property by the number of people attending the open house. This means that if they are interested they are more likely to put an offer in quickly for fear of someone else beating them to it.


It’s quite possible that the open house helps you secure your asking price. Depending on the number of people that attend the open house and the level of interest from those that attend, there could be a bidding war that gets you at least your asking price and possibly more than your asking price.