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Lots of people ask this question when getting ready to sell their home. Are there benefits to hiring your own home inspector before putting your house on the market? The answer depends on the seller’s intentions and commitment to fixing any problems that might be discovered in that pre-sale inspection. Finding out the exact condition of your property can be helpful if there are things you wouldn’t normally know to look for and if you are prepared to invest the money needed to fix any discovered issues. Some pros and cons to consider might help you decide if a pre-listing inspection is a route you want to take.

The pros of doing a pre-sale inspection offer you better insight into the following things;

  • Getting a more accurate value of your property so you can price the home appropriately for the current market you are listing with
  • You discover the true condition your home is in
  • You can make necessary repairs or hire contractors to do them for you, which saves you money because it eliminates reasons for the buyer to counter with a lower offer, which then reduces the back and forth of negotiating
  • The buyer gets an actual “What you see is what you get” and there aren’t any surprises
  • Reduces stress once the house gets listed because you know you’ve already addressed any potential repairs

To be fair, considering the cons of a pre-listing inspection is just as important as considering the pros. There are some people who just want to list their home and be done with it, and those people know they are taking a chance that the buyer’s inspection could bring issues to light that they may not have known about. Some cons to think about are;

  • Disclosure laws may require you to disclose any issues uncovered
  • You will have to pay for the inspection
  • You might discover some major problem areas that will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair

Today’s home buyers know what they want and doing your homework before listing your house on the market has proven to be very effective in the overall sale of properties. Even if you choose to sell your home as-is or if you decide to only fix a couple of issues discovered by the inspection, it’s never a bad idea to gather as much information about your home as you can. You might discover that some of the repairs are simple fixes that can be done over a long weekend, and that would only increase the value and ultimately help when deciding on an asking price. Whatever you decide, familiarizing yourself with the inside and outside of your home can’t hurt.