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If you’ve never sold a house before, there are some tips from experienced sellers that you should take into consideration. Learn about what you can do to make listing your home less of a headache, and what you can do to ensure your home sells.


Your house will be the hottest when it first hits the market. Most houses will experience the most showings in the first two or three weeks of it being listed. You don’t want a high price to deter showings, because then your house runs the risk of sitting for a long period of time on the market.

If your home is priced competitively, it will draw more attention from prospective buyers, perhaps encouraging a buyer bidding war. At any rate, if you want to sell your house quickly, a competitive price is key. If you give your home a higher price and there’s little interest, it will sit on the market. This could eventually result in a price reduction, which sometimes tells buyers that the house isn’t worth looking at, due to the fact that it’s been sitting for so long. Consider the price range that your listing in; listing it at $255,000 might sound great, but dropping that to $250,000 will ensure that it’s found by more people searching for homes at $250,000 and lower.

While you may argue that your house is worth more, what the appraiser came up with, market value, or even what you paid for it, but at the end of the day your house is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it.


Think of things that may sweeten the pot, when an offer has been made. If taking your washer/dryer is going to result in a headache for you, offer to leave them if your offer comes up to full price. This can be applicable to anything like mounted flat screen TVs or riding lawn mower. Think of things that you may not need at a new property, but something that would be enticing to a new owner.


We say it all the time, but having a clean house during showings can never be understated. By cleaning counter tops and removing clutter, it allows your space to look bigger, and encourages a potential buyer to see more possibilities with the space. This could even mean removing an extra love seat, or dresser, to make a space feel bigger.

Move-In Ready

Most new homebuyers don’t want a to-do list when they move in. Making repairs that are needed stand to improve the quality of your home. If small things need to be replaced, or repaired, in order for the home to be move-in ready, it’s better to do it before you list it. Having the ability to tell prospective buyers that everything is in working condition and/or recently repaired is a wonderful selling point.