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Buying a home during the winter months might sound intimidating and unpleasant, with the snow flying and an absence of flowers in the yard to brighten the curb appeal, it would seem like the wrong time to buy your dream house. But, there are quite a few compelling reasons to go shopping for a home during the winter and we want to share them with you. Real estate experts often focus on the spring and summer months as the ideal time to buy, but circumstances are different for everyone and the advantages of buying in the winter are often overlooked. Consider the following advantages if you are contemplating buying this winter;


Getting a better price for a home is even more likely if the seller’s home has been on the market since the previous spring and summer. With a long winter ahead of them, sellers may be more willing to discount their price to get their home sold. There are also fewer homes for sale and fewer buyers, so prices often become more realistic to stay competitive in the slimmer market.


Typically, during the spring and especially during the summer, there is no shortage of potential buyers, meaning that in busier markets, you face competition. More potential customers increase the possibility of a bidding war. By buying during the winter months, you can avoid some of that because sellers don’t get as much attention and so they are generally more willing and eager to work with you. If you decide to shop for a new home this winter, your chances might be better than they would have been last summer.


Sometimes you’ll find homes on the market in the “off season,” (fall & winter) because the seller has had an unforeseen situation pop up and they need to sell their property right away. This can work to your advantage because the seller won’t be as focused on sticking to a set price, instead, the seller might be more open to lowering the price, or at least negotiating more than they would have the circumstances been different.


It’s possible your agent won’t be as distracted with multiple listings during the winter months, so this might give your agent a chance to spend more time helping you find the perfect house and the right price. They might be a little more motivated to work hard for you because their sales volume isn’t as hefty as the spring and summer months.

So, don’t be afraid, grab your boots & winter coat and get out to see the prospects. Keep these pointers in mind and start shopping, you just might find the house of your dreams! Central Oregon is a beautiful place to live and our agents are ready to help, no matter what season you’re shopping!