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It’s just about an even split here inBend, Oregon: half the population loves all this white fluffy stuff and have used up all their sick days to spend flying down Mt. Bachelor, and half the population is huddled by the fire counting the days until summer. Is this amount of snow “normal” for Bend? A little look at history may tell us:

For the period between January of 1928 and December of 2005, the average maximum temperature for February was 45.2 degrees, with an average low of 24 degrees (that’s looking pretty balmy as we stare -2 degrees in the face for tonight)! Average total snowfall for the month was only 3.2 inches. Looking outside, we’d say we’ve far exceeded that so far this February. In fact, the storm mid-month brought more than 9″ overnight to some places in Bend, Oregon!
Many visitors have been asking us if this weather is normal, and based on historical data, the amount of snowfall we’ve gotten this year is above average, and temperatures are colder than normal. So, if you like snow – get your gear on and get out and enjoy it! You can even Nordic ski right here in town! If you don’t – well, it’s likely next year will be a completely different story – and we do have very beautiful summers here in Bend, Oregon. Happy winter!