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Making a few improvements can be the difference between your home selling quickly or sitting on the market for a long time. The improvements don’t have to be extravagant to increase the marketability for the buyer, they just need to add value to the home. There are a few factors to consider before building a fence on your property and addressing them could mean the difference between an increase or decrease in value.

First, figure out why the fence will add to the property value. For example, is it for privacy or decorative benefits and will it enhance the appearance of the home and yard. Second, decide what kind of fencing you want to install. Typically, wood fencing is much more appealing than chain fencing and has proven to be an asset to the sale of a home. You will want to make sure the design and style of the fencing matches the style and design of the home. Another consideration is the style of the other homes in the neighborhood. Decide whether your fence will blend well with the neighborhood appearance or will it stand out like a sore thumb, in which case it will probably decrease the value of your home. If your home is the first in your neighborhood to add a fence, it’s possible it will inspire other homeowners in the neighborhood to do the same, which will increase the value of everyone’s property and give your home even more curbside appeal.

Something else to consider with fence placement is knowing where the utility lines and property easement lines are located on your property. Identifying those will enable you to build within the guidelines and codes dictated by your city and homeowner’s association, and it will help you avoid any violations or fines.

The installation is important and although building a DIY fence yourself is an attractive idea, it’s probably a better idea to let the professionals do the installation if your end goal is to increase the value of your home and property. A reputable and experienced company will use quality products and follow installation guidelines for a secure and safe fence. Professional fence installers and builders have experience building on a variety of terrain, with fence placement and ultimately their knowledge and experience will add value to your final product.